Premature Eulogy

A series of uncommon interactions with common things resulting in a meditation on the inevitable dissolution of our culture. Whose Fin de siecle color schemes define a battleground built on the detritus of mass production : a form of Dystopian Constructivism. Simultaneously a letting go of the wonders and joys of the moment and an attempt to manifest a future built upon the detritus of mass production. The work itself a virtual mindspace where the invariable shininess of consumer culture and an unreliable future meet in the shadows of post capitalism’s demise. Taking the form of a beta version cultural crypto-solvent designed to break the rigid bounds of mass-produced necessity. Breaking the endless restraints that limit our interactions. Helping us to rediscover the unexpected dream of freedom in the space between understanding and incoherence. A world where we move beyond the false freedoms of marketing. Into a richer world of unexpected feelings and ideas. A world where we respect our environments as much as we respect all cultures.