Words Cannot Express

Rubicon ARI


26th Febuary – 14th March, 2020

6pm Wed 26th February, 2020

12 – 5pm Wednesday – Saturday

Rubicon ARI
Level 1/309 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne Victoria

A project about remembering real life horrors, the invariable shininess of consumer culture and the unreliable nature of language.

I remember that shocking moment when I’m listening to the news and I hear that something horrendous has been done to someone. The unexpected shock of the moment changing my perception of … everything.

Over the following days my world settles back into it’s usual patterns as I slowly absorb the thing. The horror diminished with each passing news cycle.  Until a
 new horror displaces the last entirely. 

Yet there is another kind of horror : the horror of remembering that I have forgotten what should never be forgotten. I have moved on when I really have no right to.

For this project I built spaces using everyday objects and words from the horrors. I build to try to remember the feeling of that shocking moment: a moment that should never be forgotten.